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Throughout 2020, there are many innovations and digital technologies that are present to support people’s lives and various activities. Starting from work activities, studying, to digital shopping transactions.

Even though a pandemic brings huge impacts and losses in every line of life, thanks to innovation and technology, various community activities can become easier, more practical and safer. One of the innovations that will run in 2020 and have a positive impact on society is toto hongkong pools indonesia online QRIS.

QRIS or fast Quick Response activate Code Indonesian Standard is a standardization of payments card using the QR Code method from Bank local Indonesia to make the transaction success process with QR Code so easier and faster and more secure. Inaugurated on 17 August 2019, QRIS will only be implemented effectively starting 1 January 2020.

Before being standardized with QRIS, the payment application could only make payments at merchants who had the same Payment System Service Provider (PJSP) account because the QR code used was not standardized. After the implementation of QRIS, all payment applications from any PJSP can make payments using the QR code at all merchants even though the PJSP used is different.

The application of QRIS makes it easy for merchants to accept payments from any application by simply opening an account at one of the PJSPs providing QRIS. All of his accounts can receive payments with just one QRIS code.

One of the PJSPs and fintechs who have pioneered the implementation of QRIS in Indonesia is the DANA digital wallet. Since January 2020, DANA has implemented QRIS 100 percent in all digital wallet service merchants throughout Indonesia.

Switch Applications Payments With DANA

It is not surprising that QRIS innovation has become a popular payment method because of its simplicity. Here are some reasons that make QRIS a millennial favorite.

The DANA application can scan all QRIS codes that you come across. Starting from street culinary merchants, culinary in restaurants, minimarkets and supermarkets, beauty merchants and pharmacies, and many others. All shops also accept payments with DANA. So, you don’t need to switch applications anymore.

Previously, when cashiers could only accept payments from certain applications, we were forced to switch applications. The effect is, there are expenses that are not recorded. Now, because all QRIS can be scanned using DANA, all transactions are neatly recorded in DANA.

The presence of QRIS also supports physical distancing and health protocols. Because the transaction is completely cashless and there is no need for physical contact with the cashier.

Regarding security, you don’t need to worry too much because DANA has DANA Protection. Through this feature, DANA guarantees 100% protection for the convenience and security of user transactions, as well as providing security if users keep their bank cards at DANA.

More than that, implementing FUNDS to use QRIS codes opens up even greater opportunities in educating the public about the benefits of non-cash transactions. The community can also feel comfortable using DANA.

QRIS Payment is Millennial Favorite Feature, You can pay for all QRIS using FUNDS Easier to Manage Expenses and Safer, Calm and Cleaner.

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