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zaire-tv – Dividing the roles of wives, mothers and working women is indeed not an easy thing in a pandemic like this. 24/7 is not enough to complete various jobs that seem endless and of course you always want to give your best for family protection, mom.

But do you realize that this condition is prone to stress? Mother always prioritizes caring for and giving the best for her family, but don’t forget to take care of yourself. So a happy mother is simple,

Realistic planning can be an important key for mothers who work from home. This can be a challenge at the start of WFH, but over time you will find the right rhythm. Many people find working in the morning more productive than working after finishing housekeeping.

But there are also those who are able to maximize uninterrupted work hours when the kids are napping or wake up early to finish work. Feel free to experiment until you find the right timing,

Feeling irritated by your spouse’s words or the children’s behavior? Don’t underestimate it, these are the first signs of a stress attack from being stuck in the same routine for days.

There needs to be a balance between work and rest time to ensure your motivation and enthusiasm are maintained. If you feel like you are overworked, spend time playing with the children or baking cookies. Sometimes, just sitting and resting is the stress reliever you need.

Make Any Job Feel Fun

To keep motivation high, it’s important to appreciate yourself after hard work. Every now and then, appreciate the efforts that have been made so far by buying items you like, for example skincare that you have wanted to try for a long time or a new bag that has been targeted for some time. In fact, something as simple as a glass of your favorite iced coffee can be a self-reward after a full day of busy activities at home.

The work at home seemed endless. To keep your energy level up, take the time to give yourself time. Do activities that you enjoy like reading, sports or making handmade projects.

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For those who are busy with work and housekeeping, try to take time when the kids take a nap or at night. You can also get 1 hour of quiet time to do me time when the children read books and play alone.

Think of running a house or WFH feeling annoyed? Instead of finishing quickly, there are many challenges that make your day even harder. Come on, make any job feel more fun, for example by playing your favorite music or relaxing when cleaning the house accompanied by the fragrance of SoKlin Baby Fragrance Floor.

There are two soft fragrance variants to choose from, namely Blue Cloud and Pink Cotton. In addition, the fragrance is soft and lasts up to 4 hours, because SoKlin Baby Fragrance Floor contains Tea Tree Oil which works to protect the floor from germs, so that it can protect your little one’s health during activities at home.

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