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Holiday In end of Year 2020 And New Year 2021

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zaire-tv – This year’s end of the year holiday is arguably the moment that most people look forward to. Especially during this year, almost everyday I spent at home due to the pandemic. In fact, because of the implementation of the PSBB, there was no joint leave during Lebaran yesterday. As a result, not a few people are forced to miss homecoming this year.

So, prepare your house to be the best place to spend time with your family or maybe get together with your extended family or your closest friends during the year-end holidays. You don’t need to be afraid that the occupancy will be full, because with the following proper furniture, you can still bring comfort at home.

Many things can be done when gathered together in the family room. From just sharing what fun each family member does in a day, to just sitting around enjoying tea and some snacks in the afternoon. To make it feel more comfortable and warm, present a lounge chair other than a sofa such as a bean bag or soft carpet from INFORMA.

Bring Comfort in the Family Room

Besides that, you can also enjoy quality time by playing with your little one. To make the atmosphere more familiar and feel the proximity, present a mini tent or bench with a unique design from INFORMA in the family room. That way, both children and family members can enjoy family time more fully.

There are lots of interesting chats that sometimes take place at the dinner table. In fact, the warmth of a family who can be busy with each other all day long, can be created when everyone gathers at the dinner table. This is the importance of presenting furniture in a comfortable and elegant dining area.

You can complement your dining place at home with the INFORMA dining table and set collection, which can provide a dining experience that is not only comfortable, but also fun. Get a special offer in a set price, if you buy it before 31 December 2020.

In order to feel more at home, complete your home with a variety of entertainment. Especially now that there are lots of streaming shows that can be enjoyed at home. Likewise with some furniture that supports the latest gaming hobby that you can have, so that time with family is free from boredom.

To make it more comfortable, you can choose the right gaming chair and table from INFORMA. In addition, do not let electronic equipment, such as TVs and gaming equipment scattered and unsightly. You can take advantage of the best TV cabinet collection from INFORMA. Find a variety of styles and sizes to suit any room at home.

Liven up a warm atmosphere in the dining area

A comfortable bedroom can indeed be the best place to unwind after a day of activities. Don’t let your sleep be disturbed or other family members feel less sleepy just because of a bad mattress condition.

Get optimal sleeping comfort and relax with the best mattress from INFORMA. You can rely on mattress products that have the perfect combination, because they are made of comfortable materials and provide a cool effect, as well as a sturdy structure. Besides the mattress, there is also a sofa bed from INFORMA which can be used to relax comfortably whenever you want.

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The good news is, you can get all the furniture or furniture to make your house more comfortable than INFORMA. Because, there is a Warm Joy of The Holiday Season promo from INFORMA which lasts until the end of the year. With this promo, you can save up to 50 percent when buying certain products at INFORMA. In addition, get a special offer for Cuba 1 Table + 4 London Z Stool during the promo period.

Not only that, INFORMA also presents hampers and gift promos for those of you who want to share gifts with your closest family, to celebrate Christmas and New Year. Including a special gift to celebrate Mother’s Day, you can really find it at INFORMA.

He cried again, you can buy a variety of the best products at INFORMA online, if you don’t have time to go directly to the shop. It’s really easy, just visit INFORMA online, choose the item you want, follow the payment process until it’s finished, it’s done. Your favorite item is ready to be delivered to your house.

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Realize Important Key to Maximize Uninterrupted Work

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zaire-tv – Dividing the roles of wives, mothers and working women is indeed not an easy thing in a pandemic like this. 24/7 is not enough to complete various jobs that seem endless and of course you always want to give your best for family protection, mom.

But do you realize that this condition is prone to stress? Mother always prioritizes caring for and giving the best for her family, but don’t forget to take care of yourself. So a happy mother is simple,

Realistic planning can be an important key for mothers who work from home. This can be a challenge at the start of WFH, but over time you will find the right rhythm. Many people find working in the morning more productive than working after finishing housekeeping.

But there are also those who are able to maximize uninterrupted work hours when the kids are napping or wake up early to finish work. Feel free to experiment until you find the right timing,

Feeling irritated by your spouse’s words or the children’s behavior? Don’t underestimate it, these are the first signs of a stress attack from being stuck in the same routine for days.

There needs to be a balance between work and rest time to ensure your motivation and enthusiasm are maintained. If you feel like you are overworked, spend time playing with the children or baking cookies. Sometimes, just sitting and resting is the stress reliever you need.

Make Any Job Feel Fun

To keep motivation high, it’s important to appreciate yourself after hard work. Every now and then, appreciate the efforts that have been made so far by buying items you like, for example skincare that you have wanted to try for a long time or a new bag that has been targeted for some time. In fact, something as simple as a glass of your favorite iced coffee can be a self-reward after a full day of busy activities at home.

The work at home seemed endless. To keep your energy level up, take the time to give yourself time. Do activities that you enjoy like reading, sports or making handmade projects.

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For those who are busy with work and housekeeping, try to take time when the kids take a nap or at night. You can also get 1 hour of quiet time to do me time when the children read books and play alone.

Think of running a house or WFH feeling annoyed? Instead of finishing quickly, there are many challenges that make your day even harder. Come on, make any job feel more fun, for example by playing your favorite music or relaxing when cleaning the house accompanied by the fragrance of SoKlin Baby Fragrance Floor.

There are two soft fragrance variants to choose from, namely Blue Cloud and Pink Cotton. In addition, the fragrance is soft and lasts up to 4 hours, because SoKlin Baby Fragrance Floor contains Tea Tree Oil which works to protect the floor from germs, so that it can protect your little one’s health during activities at home.

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We Brings Huge Impacts Standardization of Payments

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Throughout 2020, there are many innovations and digital technologies that are present to support people’s lives and various activities. Starting from work activities, studying, to digital shopping transactions.

Even though a pandemic brings huge impacts and losses in every line of life, thanks to innovation and technology, various community activities can become easier, more practical and safer. One of the innovations that will run in 2020 and have a positive impact on society is toto hongkong pools indonesia online QRIS.

QRIS or fast Quick Response activate Code Indonesian Standard is a standardization of payments card using the QR Code method from Bank local Indonesia to make the transaction success process with QR Code so easier and faster and more secure. Inaugurated on 17 August 2019, QRIS will only be implemented effectively starting 1 January 2020.

Before being standardized with QRIS, the payment application could only make payments at merchants who had the same Payment System Service Provider (PJSP) account because the QR code used was not standardized. After the implementation of QRIS, all payment applications from any PJSP can make payments using the QR code at all merchants even though the PJSP used is different.

The application of QRIS makes it easy for merchants to accept payments from any application by simply opening an account at one of the PJSPs providing QRIS. All of his accounts can receive payments with just one QRIS code.

One of the PJSPs and fintechs who have pioneered the implementation of QRIS in Indonesia is the DANA digital wallet. Since January 2020, DANA has implemented QRIS 100 percent in all digital wallet service merchants throughout Indonesia.

Switch Applications Payments With DANA

It is not surprising that QRIS innovation has become a popular payment method because of its simplicity. Here are some reasons that make QRIS a millennial favorite.

The DANA application can scan all QRIS codes that you come across. Starting from street culinary merchants, culinary in restaurants, minimarkets and supermarkets, beauty merchants and pharmacies, and many others. All shops also accept payments with DANA. So, you don’t need to switch applications anymore.

Previously, when cashiers could only accept payments from certain applications, we were forced to switch applications. The effect is, there are expenses that are not recorded. Now, because all QRIS can be scanned using DANA, all transactions are neatly recorded in DANA.

The presence of QRIS also supports physical distancing and health protocols. Because the transaction is completely cashless and there is no need for physical contact with the cashier.

Regarding security, you don’t need to worry too much because DANA has DANA Protection. Through this feature, DANA guarantees 100% protection for the convenience and security of user transactions, as well as providing security if users keep their bank cards at DANA.

More than that, implementing FUNDS to use QRIS codes opens up even greater opportunities in educating the public about the benefits of non-cash transactions. The community can also feel comfortable using DANA.

QRIS Payment is Millennial Favorite Feature, You can pay for all QRIS using FUNDS Easier to Manage Expenses and Safer, Calm and Cleaner.